:::South Korea Internet GovernanceForum::: 2020 Kr-IGF@Aug.21 Fri 2020, In Seoul (goes virtual)

[Theme] Internet Governance  in the age of Pandemic: New Normal, Connectivity and Security

Dear IGF NRI members around the world.

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic this year’s South Korea Internet Governance Forum will be going  virtual. On August 21, 2020  Kr-IGF will take place in Seoul and three tracks of workshop and tutorials will be webcast at YouTube Livestream Channel. A coalition of private and public sector, the KIGA , Korea Internet Governance Alliance, has been bringing multistakeholders into the dialogue about Internet related policies.

Track I Security will discuss about i) pseudonymized data in scientific research with regard to the revised Korean Personal Privacy Protection Act,  ii) approaches to safer Internet countering sexist hate speech and discrimination, and  iii) digital tracking practices for COVID-19 seeking a balance between public health and personal privacy with a comperative perspective. Track II Connectivity will be dealing with i) information governance of data from smart cities, ii) the criteria for network interconnection fee under net neutrality rule. Track III Youth will focus on i)  empowerment of women in informatics engineers, ii) personal data disclosure affecting info-human rights,  iii) underprivileged groups in the untact culture, and  iv) the implication of the European GDPR to WHOIS database of Korean domain names. On the top of that, two tutrotial sessions will address i)  the global landscape of AI ethics principles, and ii) the future of DNS.  Please note that Seoul is on Korea Standard Time (KST) is 9 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). We would like to invite you all.

When : Aug.21 Fri 2020 10 am~6pm

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