Korea Internet Governance Forum (KrIGF) “Trustworthy Internet, Transparent Governance” on July 5, 2018 Seoul

The 7th Korea Internet Governance Forum (KrIGF) Workshop will be held on July 5, 2018 in Seoul under the theme “Trustworthy Internet, Transparent Governance”  Here is a venue, date and contact information. KrIGF Workshop has been prepared by Korea Internet Governance Alliance (KIGA) For other details about the meeting agenda, please visit 


Date: July 5, 2018., 09:30AM~17:00PM
Venue: (Seoul Startup Hub)
Official Site:
Contact: Eun Chang Choi,

This KrIGF event will be kicking off with keynote session by Kilnam Chon, who is recognized as
one of the fathers of the Internet and Byongdoo Min, a member of National Assembly of Korea.
This KrIGF event has nine workshop sessions and four tutorial sessions as follows. Workshop
sessions consists of three sub tracks: Intenet Economy, Human Rights, Governance. Intenet
Economy track will focus on “Fintech and Regtech for innovative financial services” ” The future of
user-centeric news services” and “Reverse discrimination of network billing Policy”. Human Rights
track will look to “Internet censorship: for whom? “Between hate speech and free expression,”
and “Controversy over Internet real-name verification agency”. Governance track will discuss
“Top-level domain (TLD) of Korean and Chinese characters (Hangul and Hanja漢字) “, “Data
governance : social network and user privacy”,” The rise of A.I: What sort of future we expect? “
Tutorial sessions will cover topics including “A.I and open data (why they shall meet)” ” Blockchain
and commons ecosystem” “How blockchain can transform the public sector” and “2018 trend &
issues of start-ups”

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