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2단계 숫자도메인 도입정책 공개의견수렴 (트랙D)

DSC05289 DSC05221 DSC05227 YJS00263YJS00199

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[워크샵 8] 망중립성의 규제의 미래 망이용대가론 네트워크 슬라이싱, 제로레이팅, 발신자종량제 상호접속 (트랙C)

DSC05530DSC05507YJS00536 DSC05512YJS00550 YJS00562

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[워크샵 7] 사이버보안과 민주적 거버넌스 (트랙B)

DSC05457 DSC05495 DSC05494

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[워크샵 6] 함께하는 거버넌스 다중이해당사자 접근 (트랙A)

DSC05416DSC05477 YJS00495 DSC05487

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[워크샵 5] GDPR 시행에 따른 WHOIS 도메인 등록인의 프라이버시 보호 이슈 (트랙C)

DSC05449DSC05420 DSC05421 YJS00405 DSC05436 YJS00456

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[워크샵 4] 빈곤국가의 인터넷 보급과 지속가능한 개발(SDG) (트랙A)

DSC05338 DSC05374 YJS00383

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[워크샵 3] 4차 산업혁명시대 플랫폼 경제와 노동 (트랙C)

DSC05325 DSC05258 YJS00301 DSC05280

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[워크샵 2] 인공지능을 활용한 사이버 위협과 대응 (트랙B)


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[워크샵 1] Youth Session 청년들이 원하는 인터넷 (트랙A)



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:::: South Korea Internet Governance Forum ::: July 5, 2019, In Seoul

Tomorrow, Friday 5 July 2019, South Korea Internet Governance Forum(Kr-IGF) will take place in Seoul.

Proceedings are in Korean (partly in English). The plenary sessions and workshops will be webcast

through Youtube Livestream Channel. Seoul is on Korea Standard Time (KST) is 9 hours ahead of

Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). We would like to share valuable experinece and discussion with you.

View on Livestream:

Agenda and Official site :

Facebook :

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